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What are the Most Common AC Problems?

Expert Tips

Von’s Heating and Air has been serving Florida with air conditioning services since 1997, so we’ve seen our fair share of air conditioner problems. While our team is always happy to help you out, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot some of these before you call.  If these tips don’t help, call our experts who know how to diagnose AC problems and fix them fast.

The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Turn On

If your AC doesn’t turn on, start by checking your thermostat. Make sure it has batteries, is turned on, and is set to cool. Turn down the temperature by 5-10 degrees and see if this makes your AC start. You may also need to flip a switch near your furnace to ensure the blower has power. If these tips don’t help, call someone who knows how to diagnose AC problems.

The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool

If your AC turns on but doesn’t cool, check your filter. If you can’t see light through it, change it and see if that helps. You may also need to clear weeds and debris away from the outside unit, and even take the housing off to clean the coil directly. If it’s still not cooling, bring in the pros.

The Air Conditioner Makes Strange Noises

Strange noises from the unit is another of the common air conditioning problems we see. Turn the unit off and take off the housing. Make sure there’s nothing stuck anywhere you can see and access that might be hampering flow of air into or through the AC. If you can see the fan blades, make sure there’s nothing blocking them. If this doesn’t help, give us a call.

You are Too Hot at Home

Are you hot even though your AC is running and your thermostat is working? First, make sure you have reasonable expectations. Most ACs keep homes 20-25 degrees below outdoor temps, so you can’t make it cold inside when it’s roasting outdoors. Next, check the outdoor unit and see if it is frosty or icy. This indicates a frozen evaporator coil. Check airflow and, if the unit is getting plenty, give us a call to get air conditioning repairs soon.

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