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Should You Schedule a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Soon?

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Taking care of your HVAC system is a key part of being a homeowner. While you may already schedule regular maintenance and monitor your filter use, your ductwork care may have fallen to the wayside. It’s easy to not realize the important role your ducts play in your home’s overall indoor comfort. Scheduling a duct cleaning removes years of dust, dirt, and grime that might otherwise impact your quality of life.

Facts About Duct Cleaning

A regular part of seasonal HVAC care is wiping off the dust on your vent covers. You may also use a vacuum to suck up any debris just inside your ducts. This helps to remove any large clumps of hair or even solid objects that made their way inside. However, this cleaning process isn’t enough to empty and sanitize your ducts.

When you call in an expert for professional duct cleaning, they’ll wipe down various heating and cooling components. Forced-air systems have registers, air ducts, diffusers, cooling coils, and more that directly interact with airborne particulates. If not properly maintained over time, this debris can become contaminated with pollen, dander, and hair.

Duct cleanings are especially important when restoring your home after a mold outbreak. Moisture issues in your air conditioner or furnace can quickly disturb the system’s humidity level. If moisture is present in your ducts, the mold or mildew can spread and harm your health.

When you call a professional, you’re able to take advantage of their expert training and years of experience. They’ll help you identify the causes behind your air quality issues and suggest helpful solutions. Technicians will examine every inch of your ductwork for damage, debris, and bacterial growth. They’ll also give you tips on how to effectively prevent dirt, water, and pests from entering the duct system.

Your system needs a thorough, high-quality decontamination every few years. Along with improving your air quality, you’ll also see a boost in your HVAC system’s efficiency. Only experienced technicians have the specialized tools and knowledge to dislodge contaminants and refresh your ducts.

You should never attempt to stick do-it-yourself tools into your vents. You may drop them inside or damage the soft metal areas of your ductwork. Always avoiding putting chemicals or biocides in your ductwork. These substances can create harmful fumes that introduce dangerous volatile organic compounds into your home. They’re unlikely to fully remove any mold or pests and will just cause worse harm. Trusting a professional guarantees that the job is done right the first time without unnecessary damage to your ductwork.


Duct Cleaning Process

When you first schedule a duct cleaning, a team of technicians will come out to complete an inspection. They’ll use cameras to scan for internal damages, air leaks, and other inefficiencies. The next step is to remove the dust. All of your vents will be sealed with tape to stop dust from escaping into your home.

A high-powered vacuum is then attached near the air handler, which is the heart of your HVAC system. The team uses negative pressure to dislodge and remove all of the dust and dirt particulates. After the ducts are clean, the technicians move on to scrubbing down various parts of your heating and cooling system.

The length of this process can vary based on how much ductwork you have and the size of your HVAC system. If your ducts haven’t been cleaned for a decade, it will take longer to loosen and remove the solidified debris. This process can also be adjusted to factor in the presence of mold or bacteria-ridden pests. Your skilled technician will fully walk you through the procedure and answer any questions before starting.

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When to Schedule Duct Cleaning

Consider calling for a duct cleaning soon if you notice more visible dust in your home. There may be clumps of physical debris or stains around your vents and registers. You may also see more dust in the air and on your commonly used surfaces. If your home is suffering from excessive airborne debris, you’ll quickly see a decrease in indoor air quality. A duct cleaning removes the buildup from your ducts and stops it from impacting your quality of life.

A persistently high humidity level increases your chances of mold. What can start as a small leak near your furnace could become a house-wide infestation. It’s best to always be on the lookout for musty smells, water stains, warping wood, and green or black spots. Trusting a professional ensures that any spores deep within your ductwork are neutralized. If you notice mold or wetness on your ductwork insulation, consider removing all of the infected areas. While you may be able to dry it, it’s still no longer at maximum integrity.

Moisture and mold issues can open the door for rodents. These small pests will chew through your ductwork, worsening any existing tears or holes. They’ll create nests inside and stack up unpleasant piles of debris that further decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency. Pests are also known to carry harmful germs and diseases that could put your household at risk. Putting down deterrents isn’t enough to completely remove their presence from your ducts. You need an industry-grade cleaning that will sanitize every corner and crevice.

Finally, it may be time to schedule a cleaning if you’ve recently moved into a new home. The vents in your new property are likely full of another family’s dust, hair, and dander. Along with being unpleasant, this could introduce your household to new bacteria or allergens. Duct cleanings should be routinely scheduled every three to five years. When you start to notice a drop in indoor air quality, call for your next cleaning as soon as possible to keep your family comfortable.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Air duct cleanings are most often associated with improving a home’s indoor air quality. Your air quality is the overall cleanliness of your breathing air. Unfortunately, your home can’t escape from all the contaminants and pollutants outside. Your family tracks all kinds of allergens, pollen, and unpleasant bacteria.

Without proper ventilation and HVAC care, your air quality can quickly plummet. Duct cleaning is one of many professional heating and cooling services that protect your health. Living in an unsafe home for too long may lead to unexplained health symptoms, worsened allergies, and lower indoor comfort.

Excessive dust has also been shown to decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system. You’ll be stuck with higher energy bills and more frequent repair needs. Maintain your home’s healthy indoor air quality with routine professional duct cleanings.

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