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7 Common AC Compressor Problems

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The compressor often referred to as the heart of the cooling system, is an essential component of your air conditioner. The AC compressor plays a significant part in the cooling cycle by compressing the refrigerant so it flows freely in the unit to eliminate heat. A well-maintained AC system helps to keep the compressor in good working condition so that your home remains cool and comfy throughout the warm months. But just as with other appliances, you may have to deal with a faulty compressor leading to a breakdown of your AC. Outlined below, you’ll find some common AC compressor problems.

1. Inadequate Lubrication

The motor in your air conditioning compressor requires lubrication to move all its parts smoothly. With proper oil, your cooling system will function optimally. However, if the compressor has inadequate lubrication, it will have to work harder, leading to wear and tear. The low oil levels mean your compressor parts will rub against each other. The unnecessary friction may cause some parts to need replacement

Inadequate lubrication can result from pipe connections, compressor shaft seal, evaporator, or condenser leaks. Regular AC servicing by qualified technicians is vital to prevent this issue. Our technicians at Von’s Heating and Air will check the lubricant levels to prevent compressor breakdown. If the motor completely wears out, we will professionally install a new one and ensure your system works properly.

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2. Dirty Condenser or Evaporator Coil

Over time, many parts of your cooling unit accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris. Your unit’s condenser coil is one of the components that will eventually collect this debris. Dirt and dust prevent the expulsion of hot air, forcing the AC to constantly run throughout the day to provide enough cool air in your space. The increased pressure and heat that gets trapped in the system overheat the compressor and makes it eventually fail.

If your AC unit keeps running or is overworking to provide enough cooling in your home, seek assistance from our team immediately. We will identify the problem and resolve it as fast as possible. Note that negligence in dealing with compressor issues can lead to equipment failure. Regular air filter replacement also helps prevent dust accumulation in the evaporator coil and allows good airflow.

3. Contaminants in the Compressor

Sometimes, compressor issues are a result of contaminants from the outdoors. This is mostly the case if you use a central AC unit that has a compressor located in the external unit that is outside your building. The continued exposure to external elements over a long time gives contaminants such as dirt, dust, insects, bacteria, bird droppings, soot, leaves, and fungi a chance to find their way into your system. If these contaminants enter the compressor, they can cause a malfunction.

The heat produced in the air conditioner makes it a perfect spot for these particles. Still, storing your external unit in locations such as a crawl space or rooftop will also introduce these contaminants that can cause a breakdown of the compressor. To avoid contamination infiltration issues, make sure you schedule regular professional maintenance. Our team will clean the area around the outdoor unit and the inside of it to eliminate contaminants. We’ll also look for possible pump failures or oil leaks that can cause contamination in your compressor.

4. Damaged or Clogged Suction Lines

Problems with your suction lines are a significant cause of AC compressor breakdown. With continued use of your cooling unit, the constant temperature changes on refrigerant lines can cause them to develop holes and cracks. When lines get damaged, they hinder the compressor from moving the refrigerant in the AC, reducing your unit’s cooling capacity. It also puts additional pressure on the compressor motor, making it work harder to pump adequate refrigerant.

As a result, your system runs for extended periods, which increases both the wear and tear of different components and energy consumption. It also minimizes the system’s efficiency and can even lead to a breakdown. If you notice that your AC fails to achieve the desired cool air, call our experienced technicians to check for possible damage to the suction lines. In case of any damage, we can replace the lines and reinforce the unit with refrigerant.

5. Electrical Problems

Electrical failures are perhaps the costliest repairs you’ll have to deal with in your compressor. This problem can permanently damage your compressor and affect other parts of your AC system. Damaged wires and contactors in your cooling unit are a significant cause of electrical failure. Electrical problems can lead to a buildup of acids that can easily damage other parts of your system, including the compressor.

You can prevent the occurrence of this issue by scheduling AC tune-ups with our professionals. Our trained and qualified technicians will inspect your unit for acids and repair any damaged wiring that could lead to compressor problems.

6. Low Refrigerant Charge

The air conditioner’s compressor pumps a refrigerant gas around several refrigerant lines to produce cool temperatures. The refrigerant levels in these lines should always remain constant. However, in some cases, the refrigerant line in your AC can develop cracks or holes, giving the refrigerant an escape route. When the refrigerant leaks through these cracks, the charge in your system decreases. This makes your unit overheat and may even lead to the malfunctioning of the compressor.

If you notice your AC isn’t cooling your home to your requirements, there could quite likely be a refrigerant leak. Make sure you call our technicians to assess your system immediately. Failure to address the issue on time can lead to compressor failure which will be a much more expensive repair.

7. Too Much Refrigerant in Your System

If you ever had a problem with low refrigerant and you called a less qualified technician, that technician may have added too much refrigerant. Moreover, an unqualified person can also fill your unit with the wrong type of refrigerant. Every manufacturer specifies the type and quantity of refrigerant needed in every AC unit. Failure to match this level causes increased pressure in your AC, which leads to premature compressor failure.

When this happens, don’t attempt any repairs without the help of a qualified professional from our company. We have in-depth knowledge about air conditioner issues, so we’ll have the right solution for yours.

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By understanding the common AC compressor problems, you can prevent these issues early enough to ensure your unit runs efficiently. Failing to take action early could lead to a complete breakdown of the compressor, which is expensive to repair. Fortunately, you can avoid that by working with AC professionals from Von’s Heating and Air. Ours is a family-owned company focused on providing quality air conditioning services. Since 1997, we’ve been providing reliable and trustworthy results to our customers in this area and ensuring they’re comfortable throughout the year. Owing to our years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge and skills in diagnosing any issue with your cooling system. Our team also goes through ongoing training, so we are up to date with the technological advances in the industry. We provide both heating and cooling repair, maintenance, and installation as well as air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services.

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