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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

There are different sizes of air conditioners in addition to different types. Larger air conditioners are generally required for larger spaces. But just being bigger might not have the desired results. You might need more than one air conditioning installation in Orange Park, FL in order to effectively cool your house. You can get help … [Read More]

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

You have a lot of options when it comes to home air conditioning equipment. The finest solution for you may not be the best option for everyone else and vice versa. In order to select the right air conditioner in Orange Park, you must be aware of the variety of options available on the market. … [Read More]

10 Reasons Why Your AC is Squeaking

The sound of air conditioning units can be very annoying, especially when it’s in the middle of the night and you’re trying to sleep. It’s not just the sound that brings on some anxiety but also the fact that you have no idea what is causing this noise. Read on to learn about some common … [Read More]

Why is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Are you stuck with an air conditioner that isn’t cooling well? Or maybe it’s not cooling at all? Don’t worry! Check the things below, then call us at Vons Heating and Cooling for air conditioning repairs if you can’t solve the problem yourself. We’ll help you find the solutions you need fast. Double Check Your Thermostat … [Read More]

DIY Air Conditioning Repair

If your AC isn’t working, reach out to our team at Vons Heating and Air today! We are your experts in home air conditioner repair and we would love to help you out! If you want to try a DIY AC repair, there are a few things you can do. Keep reading to find out … [Read More]

What are the Most Common AC Problems?

Von’s Heating and Air has been serving Florida with air conditioning services since 1997, so we’ve seen our fair share of air conditioner problems. While our team is always happy to help you out, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot some of these before you call.  If these tips don’t help, … [Read More]

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